3. Matters of Concern

The Friends of Restronguet Point was established several years ago. Although the members of the committee meet at regular intervals they can only comment, influence and refer matters of interest and concern to their councillor representatives serving on the Feock Parish Council and Cornwall Council. The Constitution sets out the responsibility of the members of the committee of the FRP.The minutes of the committee meetings are posted on the website.

The following matters have been influenced by the members of the committee:-

    1.   A mobile radio mast was opposed and successfully rejected.

    2.   A modern post box replaced the previous box with a small aperture.

    3.   A section of the Cornwall County Council verge to Stoneybrooke was reinstated with the assistance of the owner and the former CCC.

It is felt that planning and architectural control standards are demonstrably in a state of decline through the establishment and use of precedent. It is also regrettable that the Design Review Panel, a specialist consultative body, is not consulted by planning officers for domestic design quality assessments. Developers need to be made aware of the environmental value of their sites; architects of their professional responsibilities to prepare designs of the highest quality and case officers need to have at least a basic understanding of architectural appreciation. Councillors need access to highly qualified architectural advice; the views of local residents also need to be sought by councillors at parish and district levels.

A case officer holds a very important position in the chain of planning responsibility and should be encouraged by councillors and senior officers to implement the planning principles. The Point is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and as such must be protected. High‑quality design must be encouraged. Housing development to near‑saturation level has taken place during the last half century and planning permission has been granted with little apparent attention to detail or quality of design. The ultimate authority in the county for planning decisions is the Cornwall Council planning authority. Both parish and county councils are available to act as consultees.

Particular Outstanding Items of Concern

1.   Sight Lines. The vital application of safe sight lines to vehicular entrances previously passed from the County Council to the District Council now the direct responsibility of Cornwall Council.

2.   The preservation of the verges, previously passed from the County Council to the District Council, now the direct responsibility of Cornwall Council.

3.   The lack of direction to implement the introduction of double yellow lines to the western end of the Cornwall Council Highway.

4.   The lack of refusal to the construction of dwarf stone walls and paviors to vehicular crossings within the ownership of Cornwall Council, now the direct responsibility of Cornwall Council.

5.   “No Through Road”. A resident of long standing, suggests the  introduction of a direction sign adjacent to The Clock House, to read,  “No Through Road”. Many visitors to the area, unfamiliar with the locality, expect to travel directly from the Point to St. Mames, Falmouth, the Pandora, or Restronguet, to name but a few. The responsibility of Cornwall Council.

6.   The repainting of the road white lines to the three way junction adjacent to The Clock House. The responsibility of Cornwall Council.

7.   The undergrounding of  overhead services.

Cables providing power and communication are essential to our way of living, but since the post‑war development of The Point the number of overhead cables has proliferated. This is seen as a decline in the quality of the environment. It is an aspiration of the FRP to ensure that these cables are laid underground (“undergrounding”). Undergrounding also reduces maintenance costs.

OS map extract showing the positions of the 75 power and telegraph poles (red blocks)

OS map extract showing the positions of the 75 power and telegraph poles (red blocks).

Unfortunately a recent survey showed only 14 of the 80 households supported the proposal and this proposal is currently mothballed.

8.   The provision of a Heritage  Sign at Marble Head to commemorate the original Restronguet Ferry.  The present proposal is for the sign to be in the form of a slab of granite with the information hand cut. The original proposal was for a high quality comprehensive information sign including text and photographs produced in colour, designed by a professional graphic designer. The sign would have provided information to the visitor of the history of the area, being a World Heritage site, former alluvial tin mining, former barges, former boat building, the former deep anchorage for 30 schooners travelling to all corners of the world, the derivation of the name Restronguet and Marble Head Quay, the straffing of the Ceek by German bombers during the war, a location map, pollution from Wheal Jane Mine, former rowing races, and the Pandora Inn, to name but a few. The responsibility of the FRP.

9.   The lack of control  of speeding vehicles on the Point, by the Police and Cornwall Council.

10.   The former Cornwall County sign at the western end of the CC Highway at the end of the Point clearly defined the access to the foreshore as a Footpath. The sign was stolen, now recently replaced. A serious accident could occur to the occupant of the adjacent residence by a passing motor vehicle illegally using the pedestrian only footpath. The replacement sign is half the area. The original sign design, which read, "PUBLIC FOOTPATH, NO VEHICLES", was much larger in area with a graphic of a pedestrian, and an arrow pointing left. The new sign is much smaller, with only the words "Public Footpath" and an arrow. The sign is set parallel to the footpath and difficult to see. The former CCC granted the footpath at the end of The Point official status. There are opportunities not only to improve this pathway but also to improve the areas from which and to which it leads. The access to the rocks and foreshore at the end of The Point could be made safer, the boat storage areas more accessible and the approach to The Point more attractive.

11.   The provision of a bus shelter at the junction of the lane to Harcourt with the CC road along The Point.

12.   Congestion at the end of The Point in the allocated “Turning Only, No Parking” area. The unsatisfactory and unsightly parking situation at the end of The Point requires resolution.

13.   CC tree felling on verges.   As far as the felling of trees is concerned, CC generally resist the temptation to remove them unless they constitute a danger to user or adjacent landowners. They always seek the opinion of our forestry officers in determining the level of danger before taking action. Clearing verges for cosmetic reasons is outside the scope of the CC maintenance budget at the present time.

14.   A policy as regards the provision of adequate public car parking on The Point is urgently required.

15.   Opposition to any further development of the three fields at the eastern end of The Point adjacent to Harcourt and Porthgwidden.


Views from The Point

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